Holiday Tales Part 2: The Urban Amble

Unlike what we saw in part 1, Christmas in the city is a study in contrasts. At Thanksgiving, I walked through the streets en route to dinner, and the streets were delightfully quiet, revealing both sights of  joy, as well as desperation. A similar experience could be seen on Urban Amble’s mad dash through the streets, though this time, the purpose was to find some last minute stocking stuffers. But unlike Thanksgiving, the sidewalks were full with shoppers and eccentrics. And the contrasts are great- luxurious  window displays  one minute, a bread line the next.

We’ve come to the end of 2009, a year I shall never forget. It too has been filled with joy, plenty of pain, but in the end, perhaps most of all, much promise. I leave you with photos of my holiday amble. Happy holidays.