Syracuse Rising- A Rust Belt Love Story

Like many, I went home for the holidays to be with family. While home , I took a walk in my old “hometown downtown”- Syracuse, New York. It conjured up a lot of memories walking for a few miles along the Creekwalk, a newly opened path through the heart of the old city. Here’s my diary: Getting Re-Acquainted- The Mall At some point , a … Continue reading Syracuse Rising- A Rust Belt Love Story

My Dad's 90th Birthday

A couple of week’s ago, we celebrated my Dad’s 90th birthday. The celebration was in the house I grew up in, in the little town of Camillus, New York outside Syracuse. Now technically, this photo is from his 89th birthday last year, but I really like the photo. So that’s him- and does he look 89 to you? That’s my Mom on the left. and they have been married nearly 50 years. They had two children; my sister Sue and myself, and those are my sister Sue and husband Bill’s 3 wonderful girls.


So, what to say about my Dad.

Well first I suppose, his name is Leo. My Dad’s life has spanned an extraordinary time in this country’s history. Backing up a ┬ábit, my Dad’s ancestors all came from Ireland, settling in Central New York as part of the influx of Irish immigrants working on the Erie Canal and related industires of upstate New York in the 19th century. Here is his mom’s family, taken about 1900, she’s the second from the left- Kitty, short for Catherine. His grandmother ran a boarding house, she is the rather stout woman in the center


Dad was born in 1919, he was the 13th of 16 children. Yes, I said 16. ┬áThe family didn’t have much, but they got by on the largely Irish west side of Syracuse. My Dad’s brother Wimpy was known to say that when leftovers were offered up by their saintly mother Catherine, you needed to call for a fair catch to receive them. Continue reading “My Dad's 90th Birthday”