When Worlds Collide- The Gentrification of Hudson,NY

This is the second part of a 2-part series recounting travels back to my home state of New York, a complicated visit to Hudson. I’m having an affair ….sort of, with a place – the Hudson Valley.  And why not: A couple of years ago, I traveled back home to Syracuse, and took the wonderful train up the Hudson River. I had done it before, … Continue reading When Worlds Collide- The Gentrification of Hudson,NY

Last Call For The TransBay Terminal

Last week, Urban Ambles wandered down to the Transbay terminal for one last time. The terminal has been , for years, the terminus of transit to and from the East Bay, and the terminal is slated  for demolition. In its place is planned a spectacular new station that is hoped to be a nexus for not just East Bay commuters, but Peninsula trains, in-city passages  to Bart and Muni, and the coup de grace; high speed rail from Southern California. They were giving tours of the station, and I joined in. It was an odd mix; a small horde of camera toting enthusiasts set against the usual commuters for whom it was just another day, and the “residents”  who call it home.

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