Nevada- Chatting With Ghosts

This is the first part of hike number 6 in my series of 50 hikes during my 50th year.

We all have places that tend to continually figure as mileposts in our lives. For me, somewhat surprisingly, its Nevada. There is a simple reason I suppose, and that is I have traveled through the state a number of times as I was moving to a new chapter in my life, be it in California or back in Colorado. This blog is largely about the act of walking, and that figures in here in a modest way. This post is also  about vehicles; and their successes and failures  in a state where one can drive 90 miles between towns with nothing in between. But mostly, its about ghosts and what to do with them. The next two short hikes (but long posts) explore this.

In 1985, traveling with grad school friends from Denver to an Architect’s Convention  in San Francisco, I  traveled through these lands for the first time and was mesmerized by Nevada and Utah. I had simply never imagined such endless space. We drove in my friend’s Ford Maverick (apt name!), over the basin and range. We broke down each way. The trip was extraordinary.

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