Walking Into The Fog- A Trip To Ocean Beach

The ambling has been continuing lately, its just the writing about it that has been absent. A busy and immensely distracted summer. But ‘Ambles carries on, with an eye towards a book deal. “Stairway Walks Of San Francisco- 6th edition”…..give me a break.

We live on the west-facing side of Nob Hill. And as this is home and office, I am here most days. And from my perch, I live with the fog. At times it envelops, at other times, it is…..out there, to the west. I find it alluring in a way, a bit of a tease, the way it advances, then retreats, and repeat. I like the fog, just not a week of it without sun. Like the predictable cycle of the fog, us San Francisco dwellers repeat each summer our complaints of its arrival, as though it is a new and unheard of phenomenon. But I must say, this summer, the complaints were louder, and I would agree- it seems to have been, until a few weeks back, a particularly cold and foggy summer.

In the heat of it one day(?), we,  instead of following the natural inclination to flee this cirrus invasion, dove into it,  heading west for a journey along Ocean beach and its surroundings. Here’s the route:

We journeyed out on the 1-California. The sun was out on Nob Hill, but very quickly, the battle between sun and fog was on, and by the heart of the Richmond, the sun wasn’t even trying. As we lumbered up from 32nd Ave to the Legion of Honor, (my favorite Bay Area museum), it occurred that this grim day might be better spent inside, soothed by the likes of Ingres and Manet. The Museum would have to wait. Continue reading “Walking Into The Fog- A Trip To Ocean Beach”

The San Francisco Art Institute

I have many favorite places in San Francisco, but one stands above all the rest,  the San Francisco Art Institute on Russian Hill. The Art Institute, founded in 1871,  is one of the oldest  and more prestigious art schools in the country. Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, Bruce Nauman, and Clyfford Still have taught there, Joan Brown, Richard Diebenkorn, Errol Morris, and yes, Courtney Love,  studied … Continue reading The San Francisco Art Institute

San Francisco Bay Walk-The Bridge and Sausalito

So, how to fill one’s time when laid off. Well, it hasn’t been hard. Some consulting, a bit of volunteering, and , oh yeah, the hustling for work. But, I’ve found a need to get out of the house in the middle of week, and with most everyone at work, have taken to weekly sojourns. I decided I would circumnavigate the bay, not perfectly, but … Continue reading San Francisco Bay Walk-The Bridge and Sausalito