The Blog Returns with The Ultimate Walk

I began this blog over 6 years ago, during the depths of the recession. With time on my hands it was one of many ways I stayed busy. Alas, in my feast or famine profession, things have flipped around, and now the reverse is true, which, I guess, is a better thing. A few months ago, my husband Juan and I got married, and I thought that very short “amble”, up the stairs of San Francisco City Hall, was a worthy moment to recount as part of re-starting the blog.

May 1 sounded like as good a day as any to get married. May Day,  traditional marker of the newness brought by spring, yes that would do nicely . The setting was City Hall in San Francisco, and there is no greater setting for a wedding in these parts. It is a rite of passage, particularly for those in the gay and lesbian community, as City Hall has been the scene of so many signature moments in the struggle to marry. And this was made all the more timely as the Supreme Court was about to rule on the legalization of gay marriage nationwide.

Many people get married on any given day at City Hall, and this day was no exception. And the walk, for nearly all of us, would be up this flight of stairs, with a judge waiting at the top, marrying one couple  after the other, at the top of the steps.


Before the walk though, there is business to attend to, witnessing and signing the license downstairs. And this was when the uniqueness the splendor of the experience began to set in. “Backstage” , as it were, you are side by a side with a myriad of others there for the same reason. You take a number, and all wait to be called. Part biggest day of your life, part reminding you of a deli counter. Here is Juan and I with our witness Marissa and flower girl  and god-daughter Delali.


And after the legal part, we all make our way up the stairs.

the stepsAnd suddenly, it was our turn:


Who knows how many weddings this judge conducted on this day. And she was extraordinary, we felt as though this was the only ceremony she was ever going to perform, you truly an see it in this photo. But in fact there were many, as City Hall bared witness to an extraordinary cross-section of people of different ethnicities, orientations, and age. Each with a story, stories that also as it turned out, a SF chronicle reporter was there to document. It was an amazing experience.
young queens old queens

indian family

older couple

And that was it. All over in less than 30 minutes. And that was a good thing, because it was May Day, and there were labor protests and dancers coming (not sure if the two were related). And that all made it kind of perfect on this glorious spring day, adding to our realization we had just shared something very very special with a few good friends and family- a wedding on May Day in San Francisco.


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