San Francisco Bay Walk-The Bridge and Sausalito

So, how to fill one’s time when laid off. Well, it hasn’t been hard. Some consulting, a bit of volunteering, and , oh yeah, the hustling for work. But, I’ve found a need to get out of the house in the middle of week, and with most everyone at work, have taken to weekly sojourns. I decided I would circumnavigate the bay, not perfectly, but a chain of hikes, sometimes, at the bay, sometimes above it and looking down on it.  I had one rule, everything had to be done via public transportation, as I have no car, and also wanted to see how many interesting places one could get to around here without a car.  This was the first , most obvious hike, about 10 miles,on my birthday in January. The  hike took me from home, along Marina Green and Crissy Field, and across the Golden Gate Bridge. From, there, a rather convoluted and a bit illegal traverse down to surprisingly wonderful Fort Baker, then on into  Sausalito. It includes two things I think all Bay Area residents should do at least once; cross the Golden Gate Bridge, and arrive back in San Francisco… by water.

Here’s the route.