Tales from the front

There is no shortage of advice and counsel for those of us who are unemployed these days- for better or worse. I was asked these questions a few days back:

– Do you have your Zoominfo ID? No- WHY NOT?

– Are you twittering?

-You need to subscribe to Workit.

– Are you Ziggs savvy?……….You need to add RSS feeds to Google Reader!! Now!!

I went to what was actually a very good “Social networking” workshop a few days back, and all the questions above were discussed. It is where we are. But I thought, 5 years ago, I did not own a cel-phone. 3 years ago, I did not have a home computer. (I did have one well before that, I think it was a Magnavox- it was a horrible computer, but it did get so hot that you could warm bread on the cpu.). Oh wait,  I have to go now, I just got an email from HotGigs, but wait.. where’s my ZoomInfo ID? I’m not sure I will ever be Ziggs savvy.