Welcome to my blog

Last summer, in what seems like another lifetime, I thought I would start a blog.

I came up with a name; “Urban Ambles” -which I felt captured  the intended theme of the blog. (as defined by Webster’s , an amble is a “casual stroll, generally through a public place”). As an architect, I thought it would focus on observations  about the environment that I lived in, worked in, played in. I might share snippets of my work, comments on the profession. I set it up, created a nice layout, learned the basics of blogging, announced that I was going to do a blog-……………………………and I made one entry. One.

Then, late last year, I lost my job. 


So, there I am, fourth  from the left. 

With time currently not a problem, I thought I would try again. I thought maybe I should rename the blog in light of these new developments………. perhaps , ohhhhhhh, I dunno…….. Urban Shambles? I decided that I would  stick with Urban Ambles… for now.

In addition to the aforementioned focus, it occurred to me that this would also now most certainly  be a chronicle of my involuntary participation in the great economic meltdown of 2008-09. While losing my job sucked, I am in the middle of an extraordinary moment in our history.I have never been  caught up in a  global maelstrom such as we currently are experiencing, where today’s ‘news’ often directly affects me.

Ultimately, this is a blessing, I have been relieved of duties at a job that wasn’t working out. I now have a great opportunity to  send myself in a new direction. Now THAT is exciting.

So, at this point, I don’t know if  blogging is for me or not. Could this be an important part of my transition to a new chapter in my career, or am I just one more ranting idiot with a computer? I dunno, we’ll see. I have always felt I have something of interest to say, but how to say it?

 I hope you enjoy the blog.

One thought on “Welcome to my blog

  1. Glad to see you using your time productively. I’m sure the free doughnuts and coffee were delicious! In the meantime, looking forward to see the rest of your Bay circumambulation. And you’ll have to tell me how to make that under-the-bridge move…

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